Tips on How to Sell your Used Gadgets (PC, Laptop, Phone, Ipad etc.)


When a person no longer needs their electronic gadgets such as a smartphone, computer, or other devices they should not throw them away. They can still make money off of these used electronics. There are some tips for selling these gadgets to make a profit.

Sell with Accessories

When selling electronics a person can get more money for them if they sell the accessories that came with them. This includes any remotes, chargers, adapters, and other devices. They can even get more money if they have the original manual.

Charge the Battery

If the items are battery powered, they should be fully charged when being sold. That way if a buyer needs to test out the item they can see how it works.

Erase the Memory

If the device has internal memory it needs to be restored to the factory settings. This will help protect any personal information that was left on the device. After it was restored to the factory settings the seller should double-check to make sure all of the information was erased completely.

Sell Online

Many websites will sell these items. It is better to sell them online and ship them to the buyer rather than meet some stranger. Auctions sites are a great place to post things for sale. If a person does not want to pay the fee for that site and sell on a marketplace they should always bring someone along when making the sale.

This retail giant will allow aa person to turn in their old gadget and will credit their account with a gift card.

These are some tips for selling used gadgets. If a person is done with them there is still a high demand from others. A person can make a nice amount of money by selling their gadgets.

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