Tips on Selling Your Used Gadgets


Electronic gadgets such as iPhones, notebook computers and tablets can cost hundreds of dollars. But the good news is, they tend to keep their value and are still in demand even when they are a couple of years old. That means you can recoup some of your money when you no longer need your device. Here are some tips on selling your used electronic gadgets.


Wipe them clean

The most important tip when selling your gadgets is to wipe them clean of all your personal data before selling them. Most gadgets come with a function that will restore them to their original factory settings and eliminate all data that might be stored on the device. Before doing this, you want to make sure any data you have saved is backed up. It's a good idea also to change passwords on your online accounts before selling a device just in case someone is able to retrieve data off of your device.


Price them correctly

To be able to sell your gadgets quickly and for a good price, you need to make sure the price you ask for them is reasonable. Do research by looking at what similar devices are selling for online and price your gadget accordingly.


Use social media

One of the best mediums for selling used gadgets is social media. You can circulate the information you have among friends and acquaintances, and that may allow you to sell to someone you know. That's better than having to sell to a stranger, which can make you susceptible to a scam.


Be careful

When trying to sell your gadgets, it's important to be careful. Buyers will often want to see the device, and you should meet in a public place to do that. Make sure to take only cash or an electronic payment that you can verify before relinquishing control of the device.


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